My first blogpost!


Hello everyone! 
Welcome to my first blogpost ever! Yes I have noticed that i used two exclamation marks... That's because of my excitement :)
And I just realized it is already over twelve.. Dang it, I wanted to upload my first blogpost on the first day of 2015. Oh well... Nothing I can do about it now. 

I hope all of you had a fantastic New Years eve! Mine was perfect, even though we left our house at nine PM. First we (my mom, cousin Anu and aunt) went to my grandmother and grandfather. We stayed there after the clock stroke 12. My little cousin was also there, well actually she's not that little (4 years). But she is little compared to me! 
She started to cry when everybody started clinking their glasses and when the fireworks were going off. She told me she got scared of the sound it made. So I stayed with her in the house and we watched the fireworks. After that Anu my other niece, wanted to fire some firewoks herself so we went to watch her!
After that my little niece started to warm up to the idea of trying to hold the sparklers herself! 
And she was very proud of herself that she held the sparklers. It was adorable!

After that we went to another family member. My other aunt and uncle. They have four children close to my age. We played a card game where I got my very first taste of tequila. Let me tell you this: it wasn't my cup of tea.. The salt was to salty, the tequila was bitter and the lemon was to lemony.. 
Hahaha the way I described it, makes everything so much clearer, right?

We stayed until very late, like 6 AM.. What do you think I did when I came home? 
Did I sleep? Noooooo I went on 9gag.. So I did not sleep until 8 AM.

Yep, I can feel the tiredness seeping through my eyes..



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