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Hello everyone!

Uuuuugh I'm so sorry for not posting a blog post for a month (almost 2)...
A month ago my internship started again and it has been busy ever since.. But I wanted to stick too writing a blog. 
I just realized that I have not explained why I named my blog "Everything pretty and nice". Sooo that is what I am going to do!

First of all its has a nice ring to it :) And I'd like to think that this website is kind of like an escape from the real world. I also realize the title might sound vain but that's not my intention.     

I'd like to think that everyone who visits this page is nice and spreads positivity. Because I feel like nowadays we only focus on the negative things and we let the positive things slide by like it's nothing. We actually need to switch our thoughts and let the negativity slide by and focus on the positivity in our lives. I am a person who loves positivity and gets them from the little things in life. For example: I've had a good day when, I watch my favourite tv show again *cough* Friends *cough*, I try out a DIY project or when I try a new cupcake recipe :).

The "Nice" part is also very important to me. When I was in High School I realized it doesn't matter how pretty you are, when you have an ugly personality it will shine through. If you are thinking of a certain person who has an ugly personality, remember this: let karma do it's thing. It might take a long time for the person we are talking about to get their fair share of trouble, but it will happen. Karma will get them in: 1 week or a year or maybe 10 years. But it doesn't change the fact that it will happen... 
I feel like we have taken a dark turn here. On a positive note, you haven't done anything you will regret later in life!  

This was it for now, I hope you had a lovely time reading this!

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