Hello everyone!
How are ya doing? I'm doing fine. No, I'm doing more than fine! Freaking awesome! Please, let me explain. After waiting impatiently for four months (I think) I finally went to see my all time favorite band! 
Sooo last week, after my internship, I went to a concert from All Time Low. Jep, you have guessed it. I was fangirling to the MAX. 

I traveled for like an hour, or so too Utrecht. When I arrived on the station, it was mayhem. I wanted too adjust to the sudden change but couldn't because it was so busy... So I went with the crowd an I was like "Okay, I'll eventually figure out where I am and then, I should rush to the venue". Thank god the venue was nearby! I met my cousin and her friend there because they were already waiting in line. And let me tell you, the line was ginormous... I actually sneaked, subtly if I might add, my way to the front. So I could be with them. Okay, after waiting for 45 minutes outside we were let in the building. And then the fun began! Real friends and Neck deep were in the line up. Both of them were good, but their music was a little bit too raw for me. Maybe I need to listen more to them and get used to it... 
When All Time Low came on stage ALL. HELL. BROKE. LOOSE. Guys, seriously, I screamed my lungs out! It was so amazing everybody sung and danced along with the songs. People looked weird at me. But guess what? I did not give a damn. I felt really and truly happy at the moment. 

All Time Low sung my favourite song "Therapy". Oh my god. The singer/songwriter sang amazingly live! I was really surprised, his voice was really clear during the show. I could listen to him all day errday! I was really disappointed when the show ended because, all together, they performed for an hour an a half... Mean while they had two line- ups. But overall I had an ahmazing time!

Until next time!


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