Hello everyone!

Jep, you have guessed it. For a couple of weeks I have been going to school now. I'm in my last year and the pressure is already getting to me (school has only started for four weeks). But I feel like every last (fourth) years feels that way. In the first week we had an introduction kinda day. My class stayed the same exept for our mentor.We got to know her and she got to know us. We also got information on our bachelor thesis, which I have to write this year... The nerves are already forming..  

I am following a minor (a one semester specialisation)and I have chosen to do 'Coaching'. In the first week we had to do assignments where getting to know each other was the main goal. We did this for three days long... After the first and second week I still did not have the feeling that school already begun.

In the meanwhile I have been searching for a bachelor aasignment.. Which, let me tell you is a pain in the... I'll let you guys fill in the blanks ;). I got lucky and found my bachelor assignment where I followed an internship for 5 or 6 months! If all goes well, I am going to develop an internship 'crashcourse' for students. Where they'll get to know how too respond to certain behavior. The main goal in to broaden their social skills. I am still in the beginning stages of everything, which means I have to fine tune everything I talked about with my client. 

While all of this was happening I was feeling very stressed. If I did not find a bachelor assignment, then I would have to repeat my last year... Which also means I'd have to pay for another year without my monthly studyloan.. And that is something I would want to prevent from happening. But hey, I am coping... I think this is what my last year is supposed to look and feel like. Stress and worry about everything..  But I have to go in blanco I think, because I don't know what to expect.  

So this was a serious post for me I hope I can make a 'lighter' one the next time ;)

Oh and guys, I am also thinking of posting recipes on my blog. What do you guys think? 



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