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Hello everyone!

Boy, oh boy, oh boy... Have I got a story to tell you guys! So, I went to school yesterday around half past 3 and I found out that I had class till 8 pm. My first class was till 6 pm. and then I had a 30 minute break. During my break I immediately went to my next class because I wanted a spot where I could plug my laptop charger in. When I arrived, there were two students already there and when I settled in, we started talking. We started exchanging stories about our internships and our thesis's. One student told us that he did an internship at a juvenile detention center. The kids he was talking about(mostly guys) were in there for rape, murder, abuse etc. And that made me wonder if there were any female employees. And there were, but they were older and they were taken more seriously than the male employees. Which was very interesting to know! Then the class started and I got lost in all the information we got.
It does get more 'exciting' than this, you just have to keep reading to find out. 

Around 8 pm. my class finished and I went home in the tram (public transportation). And I started to think about the conversation I had with the students. I started to wonder about being an employee in a juvenile detention center. Like, would I be able to do that? Am I going to be able to handle the aggression that comes with the work? Would the extent of aggression be the same as autistic children (because I do have experience with that) or would it be a lot worse? In the meantime I was walking home, getting lost in my thoughts, and when I started to near my porch, I saw a girl (she lives next door to me) standing outside the flat and a male neighbour from another floor also standing outside the flat. 
Then I saw a drunk neighbour(he was under influence of something) (from now on d.n.) blocking our way in to the flat. The girl, who lives next door to me(and whom I will call g.n.d.,short for girl next door, from now on)came my way and told me not to go there because d.n. was very aggressive and he verbally abused her. At that moment I was like 'Well, f**k. I don't want to stay outside until 10 pm'. I wanted to call the police but the g.n.d. stopped me. At that moment I noticed a guy on a bicycle watching me, because I had my phone in my hand and I was ready to call the police if something went awry. He asked what was wrong and if was going to call the police. I said 'Yeah, if he does not go away soon, I will call the police'. The guy offered to walk us home, but given the situation, I declined respectfully. It was a nice offer, but I did not want the d.n. to get more aggressive if we passed him. 
Then another kid came through the door and the d.n. was very jovial towards him, so the g.n.d. and I thought that we could go in to the flat and go home. Oh and the neighbour from another floor stood outside the entire time (near us). I mentioned him because, guess what guys? He came in with us. THAT. WAS. NOT. A. GOOD. IDEA. The neighbour from another floor started to whinge about the mess the d.n. made. The flat entrance was wet because the d.n. spilled his alcohol on the floor. The d.n. started to get aggressive towards the neigbour from another floor because of the whinging. I honestly understood why d.n. became aggressive. I was also getting annoyed at the neighbour from another floor. I mean, why the heck was he adding more fuel to the fire? If he was not constantly whinging, I might have tried to calm d.n. down. The neigbour from another floor was making things worse in my opinion and I was hoping that he would shut up. 

A girl can dream, right? 

Okay, back to the story. 
The g.n.d. and I were literally standing in the middle of all of it and I honestly had enough. The g.n.d. pulled me outside again because it was getting quit rowdy once again. We decided to wait it out for a bit. After 10 minutes we took a peek in the flat and the d.n. disappeared. Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention that d.n. lived on our floor. 
So when we were waiting for the elevator, we were listening very carefully if we heard him stumbling and tumbling around on our floor. Which was not the case, thank god. The g.n.d. decided to call her father and he walked with us the rest of the way. When I was almost inside my home I started to panic because I felt like d.n. could appear at any moment. My mom had the door ajar, which meant that I had to wait for her to open the door. Normally I don't panic at all, but you guys, the panic set in ... I decided to ring the doorbell non- stop because my mom was very slow with opening the door. But as I have said before, I just felt the need to get inside my house, because I was scared that he would be back again. When she opened the door I could finally relax again...

It was just the strangest situation. Never in a thousand years I would have expected to come home to this. How would you have handled it? Would you have done the same or would you have done something different?          

xo Laxmi


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