September overview and life update


Hello everyone!
Longtime, no see. Let me tell you that September has been a busy month so far. This blogpost is more of an update on how I have been doing and my favorite moments during this month! Without any further ado, let's begin.

Being an autumn baby, I was exited for Fall to begin. I know that autumn does not start on September first, but a lot of people do get exited for Autumn in September (especially on social media). In the last couple of years summer started to last a lot longer... And if you know me ,then you will know that I do not like summer. 


Guess what? 
The weather has been spotless with a lot of sun and no wind. The maximum temperature was about 32 or 33 degrees Celsius.I was hoping and expecting for the weather to be more crisp and a bit chilly but that did not happen for a few weeks into September. Thank god, that that's the case now! No more sweating, it is time to get my scarf out of my closet and wear my leather jacket again! And by the way, I have been lusting after a shearling leather jacket (of course it's faux fur and faux leather). But I am on the fence with ordering jackets online. I have actually never done that because I need to see the fit of the jacket. Most of the times the shoulders are an issue for me because they are too big. Have you had any experience with this? And what did you do to combat those issues? Oh and I have been thinking of doing an Autumn fashion wishlist. If you are interested, let me know! 

On the thirteenth it was my moms birthday! We celebrated it with some delicious apple crumble cake. Actually, we celebrate our birthdays only with our closest family members. Very low key. Which I like! My moms birthday was on a weekday so we just went with the easy going flow we had! 

On the 19th I quit my volunteering job. I used to volunteer at a daycare center for children with developmental delays and children/teens who are mentally and-/or physically challenged. I did this ever other week on Saturday and I was working there as a volunteer for two years with the prospect of a job offering. But that did not happen. The director (from the organisation) wanted interns from during the week,
 to work in the weekend because that would somehow be beneficial for them as an organisation. I hinted multiple times that I would be willing to work there. But alas. 
The person in charge of the daycare said multiple times that they were happy with me and that I was doing the exact same thing as the paid employees, but you know... without being paid. And that also played a part in my decision to quit.
I have also been searching for a new challenge because it was getting quit repetitive. In the past year I have been taking care of a guy with profound intellectual an multiple disabilities (PIMD). He was in a wheelchair, he could not communicate and could not do anything. At first it was exiting, because I did not have any experience with this group of children/teens. But after 6 months I started to get the hang of it and the kid and I clicked. It was a lot of fun but it was getting quit repetitive. Because I was a volunteer, I could not go for a walk with him or do other activities with him. While I took care of him, we stayed inside the compound most of the time. We only went outside when the whole group went outside and we were on a tight schedule because we were in a group setting with children who have autism. They have everything scheduled to perfection. I basically, felt kind of restricted. I will miss working with the kids but I felt like I could not benefit fully from my volunteering job. I could not attend the self defense seminars, because it was too expensive for them (organisation). I was also not allowed to attend the diabetic courses etc. because those were also too expensive. 
Since then I have been looking into other volunteering jobs to keep myself busy and I actually found something with people who have experienced sexual abuse. You will become somewhat of a 'buddy'/ coach. And that's totally up to my ally! I only have to take the step to write a motivation letter and actually send it in. This is also a volunteer job, but that way I do get more experience with different kind of target groups. 

Before I left, my colleagues and two parents gave me a farewell gift. This was incredibly sweet of them.  
This month I have also been nominated for the Liebster award! That's probably going to be my next blogpost. I got nominated by another blogger for this award, but I will tell you guys more about this in an upcoming blogpost. Which I am quit exited about. Although I do not know a lot of small bloggers, I will try to make it work!

Furthermore, I have been loving these chocolates! My mom got them from her work and they were;

Oh, so delicious! 

If you are a fan of marzipan you are probably going to love this. I will try my best to explain what it is and how it tastes. It's a German brand of chocolates and they are called 'Niederegger Lübeck'. My mom got the chocolate covered marzipans with a flavoured marzipan filling.
When I tasted it for the first time I tasted an apple flavoured one. It was quit good! You will probably appreciate the flavour more if you like marzipan. My cousin for example, did not like it one bit. She thought it tasted like chocolate covered apple candy, she also thought that it did not taste like 'real apples'. According to her, it tasted more like imitation apple flavoured candy. I could see why she would say that, but I loved it nonetheless! You have the sweetness and the tartness of the apples, the sweetness and nutty texture from the marzipan and at last, you have a thin layer of chocolate! 
There were also a few different flavours (I have to mention my faves); rum krokant marzipan, apple calvados marzipan, pflaume (plum) armagnac marzipan and ananas (pineapple) marzipan! If you ever get the chance to try them, please do it! 
One of my favourites! 
Sooo good!

Lastly, college began again. Thank god, I only have to attend college once a week. But I do have to work from home on my thesis, which is not a win either. You have to work with what you get, right? 

Oh, and don't forget to let me know if I should do an Autumn fashion wishlist! You can leave a comment behind, give my blogpost a like and/ or share it!

xo Laxmi

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