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Hello everyone!

It is Christmas today and we have to clean our house like crazy.. But hey at least I won't be bored while cleaning the house, because I'll be jamming out to my Christmas playlist! Without further ado I will list my top 10 songs below, have fun listening to it and I wish everyone a merry Christmas! 

10. Ariana Grande- Santa tell me

So, I am ready and pumped up to start my count down! The first time I've heard this song I was not diggin' it... The video clip 'turned me off'.  When I think of Christmas I think of sweet cheesy video clips. This was the opposite. This clip did not make me feel warm and fussy on the inside. I do get that the clip was meant to show the fun she has or had with her friends, but it could have been more Christmas-y.
Let's end this on a positive note. It is a catchy song, she does have a beautiful voice and the background tune is so freakin' amazing. A lot of YouTubers have this song as an intro to their vlogs.   
I have tried to put the video clip on this page but I could not find it. If you still want to see the video clip you can go to YouTube and search for it. Instead of the clip I found a lyric video, have a lot of fun listening to it!


9. Train- Shake up Christmas 

If I remember correctly, this song was in a Coca- Cola commercial and since then, I fell in love with it. Of course it did not help that every television station played it when I turned it on... Nonetheless I still like this song! The video clip is also very adorable and heartwarming.

8. Dean Martin- Let it snow 

This is such a cute song! I can remember when I sang and listened to this song. It happened to be in 2010/ 2011 because that was the last time it snowed in the Netherlands. I still remember as if it was yesterday, as I was making my way through the snow I was humming 'Oh the weather outside outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. And since we've got no place to go; let it snow, let it snow let, it snow'. At the time I felt very happy inside and every year I still wish for it to snow. Unfortunately, the weather gods do not agree with me... 

7. Frank Sinatra- Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Even if I wanted to I could not say a lot about this song. It is an amazing song! I feel like every single Christmas feeling I have, is being described by Frank. So, with no further ado...

6. Nat King Cole- Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Oooh this mans voice is.... deep and makes me feel kind of giddy on the inside. I am going to try to describe what I feel when I hear this song. This song was made in 1946 according to Wikipedia so I'll also try to take that in mind. I imagine a guy in a black and white fitted tux with his hair combed to the side, on top of that he is also playing the piano.And when he laughs you can see his pearly white teeth. Ehm, yes please to a guy like that...


5. Michael Bublé- Jingle bells

Okay everyone, when I heard this song for the first time I did not like it very much.I grew up with the 'original' jingle bell tune and Micheal decided to jazz things up. But the more I listened to this song, the more I liked it. If Michael Bublé was born in the twenties, this song probably would have been made.    

4. Ray Charles and Betty Carter- Baby it's cold outside

This song is EV-ERY-THING it is so sultry and sweet! I can not hear this song and not sing a long. It is like a conversation between two lovers. Ray Charles with his deep booming voice and Betty Carter puts a lot of emotion in her words, like I believe everything she says and I can't stop listening to their 'conversation'. It also makes me wish for that special someone to sing this with ;)

3. Eartha Kitt- Santa baby

"Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree, for me
I've been an awful good girl, santa baby
So hurry down the chimney tonight"

Oh gosh, where should I begin? Eartha Kitt sang this amazing, sultry and sexy song... Her voice is just everything... I first heard this song on The Mindy Project where Mindy Kaling play backed on this song during a Christmas episode and since then, I have been in love with it.  

2. Mariah Carey-  All I want for Christmas 

In my book this is a CLASSIC (yes, I wrote everything in caps lock letters) Christmas song. Whenever I listen to this song I can't help myself but to sing along! And every single time I can't reach those high notes... Does anyone else have the same 'problem'?

1. Wham!- Last Christmas
When I heard this song for the first time I was pretty young, I think I was around 7/8 years old. Since then I listened every Christmas to this song. Even though I haven't had a relationship yet, I can understand the feeling the song tries to convey. And it is very catchy, it also does not hurt my eyes to ogle- err look at George Michael! I know, I know he likes men, but hey I can look, right? ;)

Soooo, these are the songs I need to listen to during Christmas to feel Christmas- y! I am curious what you like to listen to, so please leave in behind in the comments down below and I will check it out! 

And I wish you a Merry Christmas! Try to enjoy the holidays and be in the moment with your family!

xo Laxmi  

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