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Hello everyone!

Sooooo Christmas is near! In a couple of days, we are paining away in the kitchen to cook a grandiose Christmas dinner for our family members. This year is going to be quite different for me because my mom went on vacation to Suriname! Which means that I have to make something for myself and my cousin (my aunt might come too). We won't be doing Christmas presents this year because I am as broke as I can be. And you know the holiday is not about giving presents to each other, it is about being together with each other and feeling connected with everyone you are celebrating Christmas with.I actually still don't know what I am going to make; maybe some roasted potatoes or pasta, we will see. Oh yeah guys, we actually don't eat a traditional Christmas dinner with a turkey and stuffing etc. We eat Surinamese style. Which means Surinamese soul food and some Surinamese appetizers and such. And it is gooood... 
I have to admit that, that is still a bit difficult for me, so I will stick to the easier stuff (like pasta and roasted potatoes, maybe some mash, who even knows)! As long as it tastes good (and is vegetarian for me)!          
One of my favorite memories during my childhood was, when I was watching Christmas movies while my mom was cooking Christmas dinner. So I thought 'Why not do a Christmas top 6 movies'. So I can enjoy and reminisce a little bit :) Hereby, I present you my top 6 Christmas movies and you can leave yours, only if you want to, in the comments down below so I can broaden my list for next year :). 

6. Harry Potter

This  might be a weird pick for some of you, but in the Netherlands the Harry Potter movies are always shown around Christmas time (at least they used to). And since the movies are about wizardry the whole concept of the movie is of course very magical! In the first movie Harry receives presents during Christmas from Molly (Ron's mum) which is so sweet because his parents passed away and Molly cared for him like he was her own child. That's the real Christmas spirit right there! 
On a different note, I honestly think that the concept of the 'ugly' Christmas sweater became popular because of Harry Potter. Ron's mum used to send her hand knit sweaters every year during Christmas for the kids... And now we all love the ugly Christmas sweater! The Harry Potter series has 7 books which are even better than the movies! Everything is explained in to detail! I really recommend it! Below you will find the trailer of all eight movies! 


5. Rise of the guardians

Okay, I have to admit something to you... I have never felt so attracted to an animated character as to Jack Frost in this movie (okay,Flynn Rider is a close second). This movie is about different holiday characters coming together when their future is threatened. For the characters to exist the children have to believe in them. But the boogeyman is making it very difficult... There is a fun surprise in the movie, the Santa Clause is freakin awesome! He is not a typical American Santa...


4. The holiday

Okay, I have to say that I have not watched this movie until a year ago. And boy, was that a good decision of mine! I don't like to watch movies which are overly hyped because I fear that I will be disappointed. But thank god I watched it! It is a very sweet movie I would even consider it to be a 'chick flick'. This movie is about two women who have had a bad year with men. Amanda's boyfriend cheated on her with an other woman and Iris her'on and off' again boyfriend announced his engagement to another woman, but on the 'bright' side, he would still like to sleep with her... The American woman (Amanda) saw a home exchange add on the internet and contacted the British woman. The British woman (Iris) was on the fence about the home exchange but changed her mind at the last minute and went to America. Of course both of them meet some great and handsome guys while they stayed at each others house. Jude Law is a piece of HEAVEN in this movie and Jack Black is just the sweetest!

3. How the Grinch stole Christmas

Who has not heard of the Grinch? It is a classic movie/ book. I think I saw a part of the movie with Jim Carry in it, but then I got bored or something and stopped watching the movie. Three years ago I decided to watch the cartoon version from 1966 and I liked that one very much! I did not get bored because the cartoon was about 30 minutes I think. And I liked the authenticity of the cartoon and the songs were also very lovely! 

2. The Santa clause

This is also a very cool movie. I watched this movie a lot while I was growing up. This is about a man who actually turns in to Santa Clause! And we get to see the process of him changing in to Santa. The man also has a son who believes in Santa. In the movies (movie 1 to three) we get to see him change from a little kid to a rebellious teen.
 Apparently, this movie is from 1994, the year I was born in! And every time I watch this movie I wished that my father was Santa Clause and would bring me to the North Pole where everyday would be Christmas. The second and third movie are also very good in my opinion, but the first one is the BOMB.

1. Home alone

This is a classic Christmas movie for me. I have watched this movie since I could read the subtitles (around 6 or seven years old). So I was about the same age as Kevin(the main character in the movie) was. Seriously this movie was filled with humor and I secretly hoped that I would be left behind if we went on a vacation. Thank the gods, that never happened. I honestly would be scarred for life. This movie is also about friendship (with strangers) and all the warm oey-goey feelings a lot of people have during Christmas.


Thank you very much for reading guys! And I will talk to you later. You can look forward to my: Top 10 Christmas songs :)

xo Laxmi  

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