A week of loss


Hello everyone!

How are ya doing? 
I am sitting in front of my laptop zoning out a bit, with my leave in hair oil treatment. I am also feeling a bit delirious because I stayed up all freaking night to finish a project, which I did, yay me... I still have to re-read everything, but I am half way there! This is my second blogpost in the series POTW! Without further ado, let me lead you through my week. 

Today was a very hard day to wake up for me... I only had to go to school for like twenty minutes. I have to admit it, I was running 5 minutes late. When I got there, my project group and I waited for 20 minutes.Which was annoying. We had a consult on one of our projects. During that consult my project group and I found out that our project was not up to the standard of the professor. Which is so annoying because we followed every single step of the syllabus.. It came down to this, we had to change some parts because the syllabus was not specific enough... I felt like we were set up to fail from the beginning. I know it is not like we 'failed' the subject, but it is annoying that we didn't get all the extra information beforehand, like the professor did not read the syllabus at all... But okay, what happened, happened. I got home and changed the pieces I wrote and that was that for the day.

My project group and I met up early today, because we had to get stuff done! We had to make a video, where we did an activity with a child, in our case there was no child available so we could use our own project members. One project member took it upon her to do the activity. When we were going through our pieces and checking everything, she suddenly said to me 'Why don't you do the activity? Your activity was the best anyway..'. I felt like I was put on the spot. Let met tell you one thing about me, I don't handle things well when I am put on the spot. I can't talk as 'smoothly' and as a result I get flustered. I have to have at least one day of preparation time. I have to write my piece, practice it a ton of times and then I also have to learn every single word. This makes me feel at ease and then my presentation will go smoothly. She just tried to push me to do the activity. I almost gave in, when another project member of mine said that I did not have to do it if I did not want to. So I stood my ground and did not do the activity. Instead, I prepared a presentation which we had later that day. It went kinda okay, we all had a part in it.

As you have read my title I called this post "A week of loss". This because Alan Rickman (also known as Professor Snape) has passed away. This was just.... Ugh. He was an incredibly talented actor and he'll be missed. After I have had my exams I have to squeeze in a Harry Potter reading or watching marathon... 

That evening I had to cheer myself up and I did that with a cup of hot cocoa with some hazelnut extract and some whipping cream on top.     

The next couple of days I worked my butt of for another project. I had to stay up all freaking night, which didn't do me any good. I had to take a few days off because my biorhythm was all screwed up... That's why my blogpost is going up so late.. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you next week!

xo Laxmi  

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