Exams and The Hague Shopping Night 2016


Hello everyone! 

I hope you are doing well? In this blogpost I am going to talk about why I felt kinda 'meeh' the last time. Oh and I will also talk about the shopping night I went to. So without any further ado, lets begin!

The day before I wrote the The Hague Shopping Night announcement I had an exam. And the crappiest thing happened(don't worry guys I can laugh about it now). My exam started at 9 o'clock and I left my house at around a quarter pas 8. Which meant that I would be on time. I hurriedly walked to my tram stop(public transportation). Around half past 8 my tram arrived and it took me about four/ five minutes to reach my destination, then I had to transfer to another bus stop. At that moment I received a text from a friend and she said that the station we pass through (Hollands Spoor) was flooded with water. While I was walking towards the station I read her text and I was able to see the damage for myself. It was not pretty, you guys. Some people took their shoes off and walked through the water, which resulted in wet pants and feet. When I saw them doing that I was like 'Oh heck no. I am not going to do that'. Let me tell you what my family thinks of me, according to them I have germophobia. In my opinion, I am not that bad. I just dislike the thought of getting 'dirty'. The thought alone gave me chills. You never know what's in the water, oh and I forgot to tell you guys that the water was kind of grey/black *shudder*. If that doesn't gross you out then I have no idea what will. No I am just kidding. I am just very weird with those kind of things. 
So I met my friend and we took another tram to go school. We were just in time to catch the tram and after one stop we had to get out to catch the bus. Then the 'fast walking' began. I was pretty fed up with everything and I kept creepily might I add smiling and saying to myself that this only could happen to me. My friend started running and again guys, I was like 'Heck no, my heart can not handle this'. And I just walked. In the end my friend got on to an earlier bus and was on time for the exam. I arrived five minutes later to the venue. And I was not allowed to make my exam. The people who checked our data and such, knew about the situation but they couldn't do something about it which kinda sucked. But you know me a bit by now and I refused to feel like shit. It was kinda ironic you know. For four years, the station has never been flooded and it just freaking did when I had an exam, cue the creepy smile again. 

On my way home I emailed my class mentor and she said that I had to write a letter to the board of exams (I think that's what it is called in English, but I am not sure). Which I still have to do!  

Guys, it still grosses me out. 

The day after the exam I didn't make I went to the The Hague Shopping Night. I expected a lot of sales and I thought that I would come home with tons of stuff and tons of bags. Both of those things did not happen. When my friends and I met up, it was really busy! At first we went to Douglas (perfume and make up store) to look around. There were not a lot of sales there, which was a deal breaker for me. After that we became women with a purpose. A friend of mine was on the hunt for some shoes. We went to a couple of stores where I found these gems! AREN'T THEY ADORABLE?


After that I also saw Disney themed shoes with Minnie and Micky mouse (Vans). But I forgot to take a picture of it because I ran in to another friend of mine and we caught up with each other. Either way those shoes were very cute. It was around 70 euro's (the price was very beautiful as well). Then my friend said that Primark had a similar one for around 10 euro's! We went to look if they still had them and they did! I decided against buying them, because I was having my doubts about them. I do think that I am going to buy them, but I have no idea when exactly. After that my friends and I decided to have an ice coffee break and we caught up with each other. This was so nice you guys! The mood was so relaxed, which I am all about ;).    

Oh and I also saw these scarfs at Primark! I thought they were incredibly cute. But I did not know when I would wear them. 

Isn't this adorable?!
Okay, if I had to buy one I would buy this one. Hands down!
Around half past 11 we had actually seen it all and we were tired. So we decided to head home! By the way guys, I did actually post a picture on Instagram! I want to be more active on Instagram :). So you can follow me on there or on Snapchat (laxmi.tr) if you want to!

Thanks for reading you guys! I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time.

Before I end this post I wanted to mention that the past days have been awful for a lot of Turkish people (and after today also Saudi Arabian people). There was a bombing at the airport in Istanbul and today there was also a bombing in Saudi Arabia. I feel like I have to mention this because we are all human after all. And every life is just as precious as any other life. It just makes me incredibly sad that people live in such awful conditions. It makes me even sadder that these conditions were created by other human beings... Just let that sink in. I wish them all the strength in the world to get through these difficult times.     

xo Laxmi  

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