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Hello everyone,

After what happened, I just had to take a breather for the last couple of weeks. I was planning to write about the tragic deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling but then the police shooting happened, the situation in Turkey got out of control, a man drove through a crowd of people in Nice and people in Germany are being killed... So yeah. All the events made me kind of think about every thing I could do to stop those things from happening. Let me tell you that my train of thought took a pretty negative turn.

You guys probably have heard of the TV- show: Law and Order Special Victims Unit. Well, I watched it since I was about 11 or 12 years old. In my years I have watched a lot of crime drama's because I am fascinated by them. The committed crimes in any TV- show were like warning labels for me. When you do something evil, karma will get back at you. You know what they say, the truth will conquer all and what goes around comes back around. It also helped me realize that there are two sides to every story and it is essential to listen to both parts. But nowadays everything seems so black and white. You are either good or bad and you are forced to pick sides. I am over here like, well you can pick sides but be respectful towards each others opinions. A lot of people nowadays are shoving their opinions down each others throat and believe that their opinion is the 'right one'. I am not at all saying that I am right... I am just talking about how I feel these days.   

So that made me think about what I could do to change the world. Yeah... I got too, ehm enthusiastic. Which made me realize that you need to be an influential human being, have a lot of money and basically be kind of famous (like celebrities for example). Because that's what nowadays, apparently brings in the cash. So those thoughts led to me thinking about celebrities. I am not denying that they don't work hard, but their job pays more than the work 'regular (a.k.a. us)' people do. With the fame and the money you become incredibly influential. Which makes me wonder why, in my opinion, not a lot of celebrities speak up or organize things about the issues in the country or the world. Like why aren't they more involved?

I feel like Jesse Williams (Grey's Anatomy) and Matt McGorry (Orange is the new black, How to get away with murder) are one of the celebrities whom are active on race issues. They speak up and motivate people. There are celebrities with a lot of little fans/ followers and they don't say anything at all. Which kind of makes me sad because there is a younger generation whom is more influenced by celebrities than their parents or teachers. At least that's what I have noticed around me. I might be wrong and what I am saying might be stereotypical... But I'm trying to get my point across.

On the other hand, I can speculate all I want about influential celebrities and their money. But at the end of the day I might be wrong and maybe a lot of celebrities are talking about the current situation and trying to make a change in the world.I guess we will never know.  

I also had a mild discussion with my cousin about charities. I honestly don't believe in them. I feel like a lot of donated money goes to the company instead of the actual cause they are promoting. I would believe it more if they documented (on video or even in a written report) everything that they have done with the money. That way you will actually know what happens with your donation. A lot of people give money to charity because after their donation, they feel like they have 'helped'. But you actually don't know what happens to your money. You might have payed someone else's bills, for example. 
For the last ten years they are playing the same commercial for a certain cause. Which is kind of strange to me. If the charities really helped people, then there should have been some strategic thinking on the part of the charity workers. Like a new commercial maybe. I mean everyone has smartphones these days. They could take pictures and post it across social media. They can even make videos on Facebook.  Ugh I feel like I am really paranoid or something. I really want to believe that people/ charities want to do good, but there is not enough evidence for me to really believe in it.          
Thinking about it made me actually sadder. I have to say that the following weeks were not fun. because I was thinking about these things constantly. I was going to sleep with bad news and I woke up with bad news... Going on social media didn't help me either... That's why I have decided to focus more on the happy stuff in the following weeks! If you have read the entire piece, I applaud you for keeping up with my 'mood'! And keep in mind that the following posts are going to be a lot happier :)

xo Laxmi   

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