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Hello everyone!

How are you doing? I don't have any words to describe my feelings except for 'Mehhh'. I have no idea what is going on with me, but sometimes I don't feel like talking to anyone, I'll just stay in my room and just be a loner and I can be very irritable (no guys, I am not pms-ing). I just want to be somewhere where it is as silent as it can get. This mood of mine can last for a veeery long time, unfortunately and I'll wallow in my feelings and try to understand where they came from. And let me tell you, it is immensely tiring...

This gave a lot of time to browse my song history on YouTube. Last year I liked a song from Melanie Martinez and I thought that it would be a good idea to revisit her songs. Do not ask me why I thought it would be a good idea... So when I went on her channel I saw her whole album and listened to it all day! The first song I listened to was Carousel, it was eerie and creepy... And let me tell you that I loved every second of it. 

After that I listened to Dollhouse and that was just... Uuurgh. The song is about a family who has put on a facade for the world to see. And that is something I could identify myself with. I am a very introverted person and I actually put up a good face (and I just won't talk about my feelings)for the world to see. Even when I am in a crappy mood. I feel like I am the only one who should deal with my feelings. I know that's irrational because the way I act does have influence on the people, mostly family members, around me. Have you ever experienced something like this? 

Below, you'll find a live version and I will link the music video here!

Then, I have been listening to Cookies and milk. This song is so dark and twisty (Grey's anatomy, anyone?), which makes me love it even more... Oh, I almost forgot to tell you! Her album "Cry Baby" is actually based on her life and the sequence of the songs contain a story (which you will find if you click on the link) I would definitely recommend this album to you! It is just awesome! She tells her story through these songs, but I feel like I can relate to it on another level.

If you'd like me to review her album, I would love to do that! Let me know by liking or commenting this blogpost via Google +. 

Okay, I want to talk about Facebook for a bit. Since November, I think, I have not been on Facebook. Because, I was checking my Facebook feed every ten minutes and I got tired of it.. So I decided to remove the app from my mobile and since then, I did not feel the need to check Facebook constantly. It is quite relaxing! Last Thursday, I decided to check my feed because I had some time to spare before I had to go to school. And I came across a horoscope feed/page. And I started to look for my zodiac sign (which is a Scorpio, by the way). And as cheesy as it sounds, a whole new world opened for me. On a zodiac sign page, they they talked about different kind of signs, which sign would do what, what some traits were etc. Some of it was utter bull****, but I could see myself in some of the assumptions they made about the Scorpio. And I think my moods are a result of being a Scorpio... This might sound weird, but I did do some research on my sign and everywhere I looked they said that Scorpios could be moody for no reason at all. And I have been a bit moody for no reason... I just hope it will fade away eventually!

Hopefully, I did not bore you with my feelings ;). I promise you that the next blogpost will be more fun!

xoxo Laxmi

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