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Hello everyone, 

Welcome to this new category on my blog! In this category I am going to talk about social issues in the world. I know that I have said in a lot of my other blogposts that I am going to focus on the happy things in life, but that does not mean that I will be ignoring the bad things that happen in the world. I am a very curious person and I actually want to know what you guys think about a lot of issues, that way we can broaden our minds. You know what they say,knowledge is power guys ;)

Without any further ado, here is my blogpost about the Orlando mass shooting. 

Let me first tell you about the proudest moment I have ever had and why it is important to me that everyone gets to be treated the same way. When I was around 13 years old I hung out with a kid, let's call him A. He befriended a kid, we shall call him B. who was the epitome of a douche.He bullied people and he was very arrogant. At that time I was very vocal about my opinion because I felt like some people needed to be put in their place (sometimes I miss that girl). Nowadays I just accept crappy behavior and smile, which I do need to change. Does anyone else do the exact same thing? 

Back to the story. We were sitting in class and A. and B had an argument. B. decided to sit with the popular girls and made fun of A. for being gay and for having feelings for a guy. When I heard that my blood started to boil and I got very hot. I do remember I was writing something down for my German class an I suddenly said 'And so what if he is gay'? B. did not expect that at all and he got flustered. B. Responded by saying 'Well he likes to f**** guys'. And I was like 'What in the world does that have to do with you'? He kept mumbling to those girls beside him and I actually kept responding to him by saying 'Shut up, and mind your own damn business'. Then the teacher walked in and B. finally stopped talking. After the incident A. thanked me for standing up for him. I was like no problem! A. told me that nobody would have done what I did. The rest of the class kept their mouth shut during this whole ordeal and a friend actually told me to be quiet. I am glad that I did not listen to her. Before this situation I thought that we were all equal and we were treated equally and when someone gets bullied because they look different or they like someone from the same sex and get judged by that... That irks me. As I have told you guys in a previous blogpost, where I talked about the Brussels bombing, I like to read a lot of books about war. That has helped me to be compassionate towards other people and I always wonder why they do the things they do. Through my experience of being bullied I have learned that only you can change the situation you are in, however difficult it might be (don't be afraid to ask for help!). In the end you will come out stronger.  

Now I want to make a transition towards the Orlando shooting. Omar Mateen, who has not seen or heard his name in the last week on television or the internet? That is the guy who walked in to a gay nightclub and killed 49 people with a gun. Lets talk about some information that might have lead to the unfortunate incident in Orlando. 
If this incident was in another country, I would have wondered how he could have gotten a gun, but hey we are talking about the USA, right? Apparently he also worked as a security guard which meant that he was allowed to carry a gun for his job. And this makes me wonder, how he got through the psych evaluation. I mean don't they do like yearly check ups or something? Oh, and in 2013 and 2014 he became a person of interest. Which makes me wonder why the CIA and FBI didn't take a closer look at him or kept an eye on him. As a child and teen he had behavioral problems and I feel like the school should have kept a dossier and sent it to a social worker. Because who actually knows where all that violence came from? Teens and kids tend to act out when something is wrong in different areas of their lives. Too bad we will never find out.. 
Another thing that came up was that he was married. In the four months he and his ex-wife (Sitora Yusifiy) were together he repeatedly abused her, thank god her family rescued her from that relationship. She told that he was not mentally stable and I have to agree with her after what I have read about him. And that's why I am baffled that people have easy access to guns. He passed the tests to get a gun, which means to me that the test must have been easy. I find it quiet weird that regular people are allowed to carry a gun. It's like handing out candy to kids. If you want to carry a gun get a job where you are allowed to carry a gun. And as I have said before, the psych evaluation should be a lot tougher. 

I am definitely no professional, but those thoughts ran through my mind when I read all the news articles on the perpetrator. I feel like this could have been prevented. But all my thoughts are maybe easier said, than done. 

Later that week Owen Jones, a British spokesperson for the LGBT community, went on Sky new. I recommend watching the video below, before you read any further. The video went viral because he decided to leave the interview. If you watch the video, I think you will get his motives for leaving the interview. Both of the hosts were kind of degrading towards him. Owen kept repeating himself and saying that sexual orientation was a motive for the shooting and the hosts kept leaving out the sexual orientation part.I wonder why they would invite a LGBT spokesperson if they were leaving the whole LGBT part behind. I am just saying.... You could see that Owen was getting more and more frustrated because they just talked over him. And for a huge part of the segment he kept quiet and the hosts did not involve him in their conversation. So why would you stay when no one is listening to you, right? What would you have done if that happened to you?    

I just wanted to talk a little bit about the family. I have no idea if the family members and-/ or friends of the victims will read this, but I am sorry for your loss. I can not imagine what you are going through. You probably thought that your: friend, child, partner, sister, brother, went out to have a fun night, to let loose. And then this happens. The way you have been treated by the people of the Westboro Baptist 'Church' is not acceptable. Thank god for the people who were there to barricade the 'Church members'. Nevertheless, I hope that the family members and friends had a peaceful goodbye and again my condolences are with you.  

Please let me know what you think about this and if you would be willing to read more blogposts about these kind of subjects. Don't forget to spread the love like smooth butter ;) 

xo Laxmi      

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