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Hello everyone!

How are ya doing? I am doing pretty fine, if I may say so! In my

last blogpost I told you that I was going to start a new series so I can stay more active on my blog. This series is called; Pics of the week (in short POTW). On POTW I will post pictures which peeked my interest this week and it will also tell you what I am up to this week. And if I might add, I am no professional photographer in any way! I just like to look at the small  pretty things in life ;) This could be things like ; baking a cake, snap a picture of a beautiful colored sky, watching a movie etc. This is also a resolution for the new year for me. Just take a step back and enjoy the moment you are in. Without further ado, my week for you.

So after two weeks of celebration, relaxation and a lot of downtime, college started again. Unfortunately, I had to go back to reality a.k.a. college life. Even though I only had to be at school for an hour and a half it felt like I was there the whole day. Around 12 pm my class finished and I went shopping for a new foundation. The one I have now is in the wrong color and I was running out of it. In The Hague a Kiko Milano store has opened! This is very exciting because I have been a fan for years! They have a wide range of nail polish for a reasonable price. And they last a bit longer than other cheaper brands, like: Essence, Miss Helen and Catrice. 
The week before that, I was window shopping and thought "Let's just walk by Kiko" and it was really busy (that's why I went on Mondays again)... So an employee helped me to color match my foundation and I purchased it! I thought that I had a rose colored undertone but I was wrong, I have a yellow undertone to my skin. This foundation is supposed to stay on for 16 hours, so my expectations are pretty darn high.

Sooo I had another class today, therefor my project partner and I decided to meet up earlier because our project is due in a couple of weeks and we also have to turn in another project with four other people, which is not going so well. Before our winter break we all agreed that we would write our pieces and put it online for each other to see. I was the only one who did that... Which I am kind of annoyed about. 
Moving on, we had an very productive day. Our class started at 1 pm and ended around 3.30 pm. I stayed until 5.30 pm in college, working on my part of the group project. I still have to do a lot for my other project, but that's what the weekend is for, right? It was actually kind of satisfying to get things done and go home.  


Today, I woke up around 9 am an I found out my class had been canceled yay me.So I decided to stay in bed a little longer and watch a tv show; iZombie. This is a really good tv show. At first I thought it would be incredibly cheesy, but it was a nice surprise. It's a detective show about zombies. A rising medical student has been turned in to a zombie and she has given up her residency at a hospital so she could start working at a morgue. This way she can eat all the brains she wants. But there is a catch! For every brain she eats she gets flashbacks of how the person got to the end of his or hers life. And the men in this tv show arejust... 
DAYUMN. Actually the whole cast is gorgeous. While I was watching this, I ate some delicious ice cream. Which I had never eaten before because Ben & Jerry's are so darn expensive in the Netherlands.. My aunt bought it while it was on sale, lucky me. And of course we shared it with the whole family!   

I didn't take any pictures on Thursday,til Sunday because I did not do interesting things. On Saturday I went to my volunteer job and went home earlier so I could work on my assignment. 

I hope you had a delightful first week of the year! 

xoxo Laxmi  

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