Happy day at the beach!


Hello everyone!

How are you doing? I am doing pretty fine. And I would like to announce that I have received a 'yes' for my bachelor proposal, which means that the following weeks are going to be hella busy! But before that I had a little bit of down time with a friend of mine. So that is what this blogpost is going to be about. 

Last week I hung out with my friend. We decided to have some lunch at a Turkish restaurant (Cadir). 
I am a vegetarian so I had to make sure that I could order some food there. Thank god, they had an online menu so I could have a look around. Aaand I noticed that there was not a lot of choice for me, but that was okay. There were some things I could eat!
On to the next day, it was very busy when we arrived at the restaurant. We asked for a menu and we couldn't get one because they didn't take any orders. Let me tell you guys, when I go somewhere I do my research very well because I like to be prepared. And on the online menu's they only had the serving time on a couple of dishes, not on all of them... So that was a fail. We could join the buffet, but our minds were set on other kinds of food. We were not feeling the buffet style, because it was pretty basic. So we went back to the car and then decided to go the beach (Scheveningen). On our way to the beach, we jammed out on to some good music. When we arrived we had a hard time choosing a place to eat lunch, but after walking back and forth we decided to eat at the Pasta Company.It was pretty good! Both of us ate pasta pesto with Parmesan cheese.   

After our lunch, we had a lovely walk on the beach and we took some pictures. Then, we decided to walk on rocks near the coast. Where we sat down, chilled for a bit, vented about college and talked about life. You know, just the usual ;). But I had a lovely time, and I appreciate these spontaneous moments! 

This is a picture with my friend! She wanted to be 'half'' in the picture. 
I hope you had a lovely time reading this and I will talk to you guys next week! 
xo Laxmi

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